Monday, February 4, 2013

Barnwood table

 Happy February!  Getting closer to spring!  :)
Awhile back you may remember I fell in love with this barnwood table. 

It was at the Kane County Flea Market.  The guy who makes the table is Glenn Gibertini.  He has tables for sale at the flea market and he can also custom make any size or shape table.  He also makes pretty much anything you may need out of barnwood.  He buys wood from old barns and creates furniture from the salvaged wood.   After seeing this table I could not stop thinking about it! 

I went home that day and put my current dining room table on craigslist just to see if anyone was interested. I figured that was a start to getting my new table! My old self would have just bought the barn table on impulse. Since I am trying to simplify I wanted to sell the old table first.  I actually had some chairs in my basement to sell as well, so figured between the table and chairs I could make some money to help with the new table!  A much smarter way to do things!!

This is the table I sold.  I liked it, but did not love it.  I was planning to keep the chairs for the new table, but it turns out they were too large.

My dining table and chairs sold quickly so I placed my order for the barnwood table.  I was sooooooo excited.  I got to pick out the size, color of the stain, leg size and shape etc.  Glenn was awesome.  He made the table in about 8 weeks and had it at the flea market for us to pick up.  His shop is in IN. 

On a side note.  This barnwood coffee table was made by Glenn too. I did not know much about Glenn at that time I found it.  I  had my eyes open for a barnwood coffee table and he had just what I was looking for.  That little table is one of my favorite flea market finds.  I just love it!


So now that I have my barnwood table, guess what is next!!  Chairs!  The white chairs that went with my old table were too large and did not look right.  I sold those chairs as well and set off to find new ones.

Now the question is, what kind of chairs look best with barnwood???

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  1. I have white chairs with my barnwood table. I like parsons chairs as well! Lovely table!