Monday, September 9, 2013

Guest room is ready!

I am pretty excited about our guest room.  I wish I would have taken before pictures.  This is what was in the room before:
A green plaid futon, a large bookcase, a large TV cabinet, the bottom of a hutch, and a few smaller tables.  We made it work, but the room was kind of the room with everything we did not know what to do with.  It was furniture I was not ready to part with yet either. 
I did end up selling the TV cabinet but the rest we found uses for elsewhere.
I am also excited about this room because I managed to do it for under $150.00!  That is the  most fun part for me, finding things to reuse and getting great deals!
Here it is finished.....
I was originally planning to buy a bed but decided to just leave the futon open.  It now serves as a bed and the cost was FREE.  No more green plaid!  I had the sheets and pillows.  I did buy the comforter, shams, and throw pillows.  (all that for under $50.00 at Homegoods)  The shutters were in our hallway downstairs, they were green.  I spray painted them white and hung them for a headboard.  FREE. 

The dresser was a flea market find for $30.00.  I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I already had.  I also bought the mirror for $10.00 from an antique shop.  I had everything else. **The wall color is BM Weekend Getaway.  Fitting name for a guest room paint color!  :)

This is my favorite part of the room.  I love this little corner.  I had the bird prints in my hallway next to the shutters. I like them in here better. The little table was a DYI project I did last year  and I was not currently using it.  The chair was a flea market find for $2.00.  I painted it with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone. 

This shelf has been with me for awhile.  It was my grandma's and it is one piece I will not paint.  I love this little shelf. 

I have had this table for over 20 years!  I  bought it for my foyer in our first home.  I had found it at an antique shop.  (I was not into antiques back then, but this table caught my eye)  It was brown wood back then.  When we moved I spray painted the table black and used it in various rooms.  In this house it has been sitting in our basement.  I decided it would work great as a bedside table.  I painted it with the milk paint.  Funny thing is when the paint started chipping off it took the black spray paint with it.  I was so glad that happened, I would much rather see the original wood.     Another FREE area.
I had bought the flower prints for $1.00 each at the flea market.  I bought $3.00 frames for them from Hobby Lobby.  I had the milk glass lamp in the basement. I found it at a flea market and had not found a spot for it until now!

 I had some heavy chocolate brown curtains in here.  I sold them $15.00 and for a total of $19.99 for both I got these linen gray ones.  (from Homegoods)

The bird prints on the left were in our dining room and I moved them in here. The chalk board was made out of a $3.00 antique window.  I posted about the piano bench a few weeks ago.  It was about $25.00.
I am so happy with how this room turned out.  For the first week I would just walk in and stare at it!  :)  I do that kind of thing a lot when I finish a new project! 



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