Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elkhorn Flea Market

After about a month of not having my lap top I FINALLY have it back.  It has had two new hard drives put in, a new mother board (whatever that is) and several other parts replaced.  It has been very very frustrating to say the least. I have been back and forth to the fix it place way too many times!! It is under warranty thankfully!  It seems to be doing ok now so we will see.......

I have also lost many pictures during this process.  This makes me very sad!!!  I have learned how important it is to back up things!

I am so excited to be up blogging again!!  :) 

Two weeks ago Kim and I spent our Sunday at the Elkhorn Flea Market.  We were there from 8am to 6pm.  The flea market closes around 4pm but we never leave!! 

Here is some of what we saw....

I thought this dresser was so pretty.  I love the lines and the color!  I am really liking the charcoal gray paint color!

I thought this chair was fun!  It was vinyl!

For some reason I am totally into milk glass now!  I was sooooo excited to find some!

These lockers were awesome! 

This shelf is actually from Land of Nod so it is not an antique.  Kim has been wantingg one for awhile.  She was able to save almost $200.00 buying it at the flea market! I learned that when you sell things at a flea market you are only allowed a 10% of your items to be newer.  The rest has to be vintage.

I loved this buffet.  It is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Red.  It was $350.00.  

I loved this buffet so much that I bought it!  I love everything about it!  It was marked $260.00 then it was half off later in the day.  I ended up getting it for $100.00.  It is AMAZING!  I for now am keeping this one.  I have done some work to it which I will post later!

Of course our friend Hippie Tom was there.  We love that he calls us by name now.  :)

What is nice about flea markets in late summer are the fresh veggies!!

I am not going to lie, Kim bought this coat!  She loves vintage clothing!  The lady selling this coat said all she had to do was throw on a belt and SHAZAMM!!!  She did the "shazamm" with a few snaps.  We laughed about that the rest of the day!!

I thought this patio set was so cute with the fun washable fabric!


Another pretty patio table.  Fancy hey?

 I thought this was interesting.  I think it is beautiful but they were asking $250.00!  I found an old door for free and I am doing the same thing to it with a can of Looking Glass Spray for $5.00.

I love looking at all the old lunch boxes.  I still remember my Holly Hobby one!

I love this old blue kitchen island!

We found this table with a built in fish tank kind of cool!!

This is how we looked when we left!  Don't ask about the front shelf you see.  It is going to be cool!!  :)  

Here are my finds.....

   This the buffet I fell in love with.

 More blue mason jars.  I love these for outside with tealights!

Here is some of the milk glass I found.  So happy to have it! :)

I found these pretty metal mirrored trays for $3.00 each. 

 It was another awesome day at the Elkhorn Flea Market.  We had so much fun and left completely exhausted!

I have to say again how happy I am to blogging  on my computer!!  :) I have really missed it!


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